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Guests staying at vacation rentals with Cherie L. Lindholm Real Estate may join one of our tours departing daily from Orcas Island to explore the natural beauty throughout the San Juan Islands. Come whale watching, fishing, kayaking, island hopping, or any combination of activities on a custom charter. We can offer direct service from many locations throughout the region. If your vacation rental has a private dock or beach we can even pick you up directly (tide and weather permitting). We can also rent and deliver kayaks to your rental anywhere on Orcas Island!

Outer Island Excursions has tours departing daily from the North Shore of Orcas Island. For guests staying at a vacation rental with Cherie L. Lindholm we can deliver kayaks directly to your vacation rental anywhere on Orcas Island! If you have a private dock or beach we can also pick you up by boat (tide and weather permitting) for your custom private charter.


Want to have your own personalized experience? Customize your trip with whale watching, fishing, island hopping, lighthouse tours, birdwatching, fine dining, or a combination of activities. We specialize in private charters, and can build you an adventure that will be the highlight of your San Juan Islands experience. Learn more here…

Cherie L. Lindholm Vacation Rentals

Cherie L. Lindholm Real Estate and Vacation Rentals offers privately owned ocean view and waterfront vacation rentals, as well as vacation homes for sale to own! Visit Cherie’s website to see photos of the interior and exterior of all vacation rentals, or stop in to their office in Eastsound to learn more. Serving the region since 1968, Cherie’s decades of vacation rental experience will make your time in one of these vacation homes extra special. Come spend quality time in the nicest homes in the San Juan Islands!

Visit Cherie L. Lindholm’s Website

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Orcas Island Tours

We depart daily from Smuggler’s Villa Resort at 1pm and during the summer we also offer a 5pm sunset tour. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure for check in. Click here for more information.

See Whales Or Come Again For Free! 


On our Whale and Wildlife tours we go out and see orca whales, gray whales, humpback whales, porpoises, seals, sea lions, otters, bald eagles and much more. Our boats are faster and have a much longer range than any other tour boats in the region. We find Orca whales far more often than any other company in the San Juans or Bellingham. We’ll head deep into Canadian water – even past Victoria or Vancouver to find Orca. We can travel over 50 miles each way, 100 miles round trip if it means seeing Orca. (click here for details)

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Salmon Fishing Tours

Join us on a group charter at a flat per-person rate, or charter a boat for your own group of up to 12 people. On all our Salmon tours we go out for 5-6 hours patiently seeking Kings, Coho, and Pink salmon! Tours depart daily at 7am and 2pm. Click here for more information.

Bottom Fishing Tours

On a private bottom fishing trip we go out for 3+ hours and can fish for Lingcod, Halibut, Dungeness Crab, Spot Prawn, and much more. It’s a ton of fun especially for families with kids. Click here for more information.

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Rental Kayaks can be delivered directly to your vacation rental anywhere on Orcas Island!

Explore the tranquil waters of the Salish Sea kayaking along the rugged shores of Orcas Island or around the remote waters of Sucia Island State Park. Join us on a guided tour or rent equipment to explore on your own.  Learn more here…

Pt. Doughty Tour

Our Pt. Doughty Kayaking tour departs the North Shore of Orcas Island at Smuggler’s Villa Resort. We paddle west toward Pt Doughty, a pristine park only accessible by small water craft. Tours are ~3hrs and depart daily at 10am and 2pm. Learn more here…

Sucia Island Tour

Join us on an adventure of a lifetime on our all day tour of Sucia Island State Park! We depart by powerboat from the north shore of Orcas to Sucia Island, where we paddle around the island exploring the many secret coves and bays. Your guide will tell you about this unique island’s history, wildlife, astounding geology and fossils. Learn more here…

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Join us on a quest for Bald Eagles, Black Oystercatchers, Rhinoceros Auklets, and more as we search through some of the less travelled waters of the region. Learn more here…


Explore the history of the region at Patos Island Light, Turn Point Light, Lime Kiln Lighthouse and more. See them from the sea and check them out up close! Learn more here…


Want to explore islands where the State Ferries don’t go? Get off the beaten path anywhere in the San Juans with a water taxi. Even land on a remote beach! Learn more here…


Visit the hidden gem of the Outer Islands at Sucia Island State Park! Enjoy a day trip hiking, rent kayaks to explore hidden coves, or even camp overnight. Learn more here…