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Outer Island Excursions is proud to offer customized private charters directly from Lonesome Cove Resort on San Juan Island.

Our vessels are the fastest in the San Juans so we can travel throughout the San Juan Islands, into the Gulf Islands of Canadian waters. We have many vessels to accommodate your group size and the type of activities you want to do on your custom trip.


Lonesome Cove is an ideal setting for privacy and togetherness, a place where you can escape & leave your cares behind. Our 5 waterfront cabins with their amazing views are why Lonesome Cove is considered one of the best hidden treasures of the San Juan Islands. Accommodations include 5 cozy beach front log cabins,
a water front Boathouse & the Eagles Nest Apartment. All the accommodations at Lonesome Cove boast an incredible view of Spieden Channel & the vast array of wildlife that call the San Juan Islands their home. Our sunsets are some of the most beautiful you may ever experience. It is a place to escape, relax & rejuvenate.

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Outer Island Excursions offers salmon and bottom fishing charters throughout the San Juan Islands. We fish for Salmon, Ling Cod, Rock Fish, Halibut, Cabazon, Flounder, Greenling and many other species. We also love to go after Dungeness and Red Rock Crab. During the early spring we will drop some pots for pink and spot shrimp. We can end your fishing trip with dinner on a remote beach for the ultimate island adventure!


Bottom fishing trips are great for fishermen of any skill level. We frequently take out first time fishermen as young as 4 and 5 years old as well as skilled veterans. We highly recommend bottom fishing for a group considering their first fishing experience in the San Juans. Usually everyone catches fish and the techniques are easy to learn. Bottom fishing trips are available year round. Halibut and Ling Cod are open in the spring. Crabbing is from July 15th to September 30th.

For more information about rates, see the Custom Charter listing below.


We are proud to now offer Salmon charters to those fishermen after that elusive 30 lbs King. We offer roughly 5-6 hour Salmon charters from July to October. During the summer we can get silver, kings and pink salmon. Salmon fishing requires a longer run to get to the best fishing locations. Sometimes we head out almost 40 miles to get to the best spots. Salmon fishing is more hit and miss than bottom fishing. The pay off can be big but patience is necessary. For that reason it is not recommended for young children or for first time fishermen. During July and August advanced reservations are highly recommended. If fishing regulations prohibit targeting salmon, we will fish for whatever is open which may include Spot Prawn, Dungeness Crab, cabezon, flounder, kelp greenling and more. We will take full advantage of whatever regulations will allow.

Salmon Private Charter Rates:

    • Salmon Private Charter rates are a flat rate per boat
    • $1000 per boat
    • up to 6 people for 5-6 hours
    • You may charter both boats to take up to 12 people
  • Captains will clean any fish you catch!

Tips & General Information

The best fishing trips are well planned trips

We charge by the hour for all of our bottom fishing trips not by the person

Minimum 3 hours

You may bring along any food or beverages you desire including alcohol

We offer trips for 1 person on up to 75 people

Fishing Licenses are available aboard the boat for US waters

All gear is provided

If you catch fish you can keep your Captain will clean them for you

Call for information about what fish we can keep and what fish we have to release.

For a portion of the season we mainly do catch and release fishing.

Bareboat charters are also available


Seasons may be subject to change by the Fish and Wildlife Department: contact our office for more specific details.

Shrimp and Halibut are open in May
Ling Cod Season is May 1st – June 15th
Salmon Season is July 1st – October 30
Crabbing Season is July 15th – September 30th
Bottom Fishing is open year-round


Endless possibilities are available on your custom trip- we can do multiple activities and you are in command of the itinerary. Our knowledgeable captains and naturalists can guide you in any combination of activities that you choose (time permitting) such as: fishing and crabbing, remote island stops for picnics or nature walks, fine dining, photography, wildlife viewing, birdwatching, lighthouse tours, kayaking, geocaching, and more. Feel free to call us to discuss options and we can help you design the ultimate San Juan Islands experience!

Custom charter rates are determined by the vessel and duration of your trip. Rates below reflect the minimum cost for a private charter on any given vessel. If you choose to extend your trip for additional time to include an island stop on your trip there is a lower rate for when the boat is parked (wait time) than the regular running time when the vessel is underway. If you choose to include fishing or crabbing on your private charter we recommend fewer people to compensate for the additional fishing equipment provided.

See more information and photos of each vessel here.

Custom Charter Rates
(also apply to Bottom Fishing Charters)

23 ft Boat

  • “The Sun Runner”
  • Up to 6 passengers total
  • Best for 2-4 fishermen
  • $550 for the first 3 hours for boat and captain
  • $125 each additional hour running time
  • $75 each additional hour waiting time

26 ft boat

  • “The Loki” or “The Blackmouth”
  • Up to 6 passengers total
  • Best for 4 to 6 fishermen
  • $700 for the first 3 hours for boat and captain
  • $175 each additional hour running time
  • $100 each additional hour wait time

30 ft Boat

  • “The Triton”
  • Up to 12 passengers total
  • Best for 6 to 8 fishermen
  • $925 for the first 3 hours for boat and captain
  • $250 each additional hour running time
  • $125 each additional hour waiting time

34 ft Boat

    • “Blackfish Express
    • Up to 29 passengers total
    • $1800 for the first 3 hours for boat and captain
    • $450 each additional hour running time
  • $150 each additional hour waiting time

38 ft Boat

    • “Blackfish II or III”
    • Up to 30 passengers total
    • Best for up to 14 fishermen
    • $2100 for the first 3 hours for boat and captain
    • $550 each additional hour running time
  • $150 each additional hour waiting time

We can pick you up directly at Lonesome Cove Resort!

Outer Island Excursions can start your charter from anywhere in the region including Lopez, San Juan, Shaw, Blakely, Lummi Island, Anacortes, Bellingham and most anywhere else you might be in the San Juan Islands. Please check our location pages for more information for your area.

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Island Hopping and Lighthouses

“Explore the Outer Islands: The San Juan’s Best Kept Secret”

Approximately 4-5 hours

Explore some of the most scenic and idyllic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest while touring lighthouses, and experience the thrill of discovery while finding fossils, and the awe of hiking in an old growth forest. We set out to the Outer Islands, the Washington Marine State Parks our company is named for. At Patos Lighthouse we can land on the island and delve into the fascinating history of this beautiful landmark. We then head over to Sucia Island to go further back in time to the era of dinosaurs to discover fossils embedded in the sandstone. A bone from a large carnivorous dinosaur like T-Rex was found here just last year! We then can head over to Matia Island to hike the ~1 mile trail through its beautiful intact old growth forest. Then we can go out to explore other lighthouses such as Turn Point Lighthouse, Lime Kiln Lighthouse, and beyond. On all of our tours we are always looking for whales and other wildlife along the way. We often see Orcas, Humpbacks, Minkes, eagles, seals, sea lions, and more.


$800 for 1-6 people
$1100 for 7-12 people
$2500 for 12-30 people
For groups of 31 to 100+ please call our office.

Crabbing, Exploring, & Dinner on the Beach

“Afternoon Adventure and Sunset Dinner”

Approximately 6+ hours

Spend the afternoon catching Dungeness Crab and exploring the islands, then finish the day with dinner on a remote beach eating your catch of the day! We start out our trip dropping crab pots in our captain’s favorite secret spots, then we travel the waters dropping our fishing lines and searching for eagles, seals, sea lions, and other wildlife while we explore the islands of the region. We then go back to the crab pots and collect the day’s bounty! We then take you to a remote beach and have an elegant picnic with dinnerware (plates, silverware, tableclothes, etc) for a fine dining experience unlike any other.


$1200 for 1-6 people
$1700 6-10 people
$2750 11-20 people
$4100 for 21-30 people
For groups of 31 to 100+ please call our office.
There is a surcharge of $75/person for meal service.

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Bring your kids bottom fishing for crab, lingcod, kelp greenling, halibut, and more or patiently seek Salmon- Kings, Silvers, Pinks, and more await beneath the surface. Learn more here…


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