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Outer Island Excursions offers salmon and bottom fishing charters throughout the San Juan Islands. Our vessels are moored in Eastsound on Orcas Island, but if you want to skip the ferry ride we can pick you up from Lopez Island, San Juan Island, Lummi Island and the Bellingham Area. Our Orcas Island fishing charters can take you fishing for salmon, lingcod, rockfish, halibut, cabezon, flounder, greenling and many other species. We also love to go after Dungeness and Red Rock Crab. During the early spring we will drop some pots for pink and spot shrimp. Orcas Island whale watching can be combined with a fishing charter for the ultimate Island adventure!

Call for information about which fish we can keep and which fish we have to release on our Orcas Island fishing charter. For a portion of the season we mainly do catch and release fishing.


Bottom fishing trips are great for fishermen of any skill level. Our Orcas Island fishing charters are great for first time fishermen as young as 4 and 5 years old as well as skilled veterans. We highly recommend bottom fishing for a group considering their first Orcas Island fishing charter experience in the San Juan Islands. Usually everyone catches fish and the techniques are easy to learn. Bottom fishing trips are available year round. Orcas Island fishing charters for Halibut and Ling Cod are open in the spring. Orcas Island charter crabbing is from July 15th to September 30th.

Orcas Island Fishing Charter – Bottom Fish Rates

23 ft Boat

  • “The Kodiak”
  • Best for 2-4 fishermen
  • $450 – first 3 hours for fishing charter boat & captain
  • $125 each additional hour

26 ft boat

  • “The Loki” or “The Blackmouth” or “The Sun Runner”
  • Best for 4 to 6 fishermen
  • $600 – first 3 hours for fishing charter boat & captain
  • $175 each additional hour

30 ft Boat

  • “The Triton”
  • Best for 6 to 8 fishermen
  • $900 – first 3 hours for fishing charter boat & captain
  • $250 each additional hour

38 ft Boat

    • “Blackfish II” or “Blackfish III”
    • Best for up to 14 fishermen
    • $1800 – first 3 hours for fishing charter boat & captain
  • $550 each additional hour


We are proud to now offer salmon fishing charters to those fishermen after that elusive 30 lbs King. We offer roughly 5-6 hour salmon fishing charters from July to October and December to April. Winter Orcas Island fishing charters target Blackmouth and during the summer we can target silver, kings and pink salmon. Salmon fishing requires a longer run to get to the best Orcas Island fishing locations – sometimes heads almost 40 miles away from Orcas Island to get to the best spots. Salmon fishing is more hit and miss than bottom fishing. The pay off can be big but patience is necessary. For that reason, this Orcas Island fishing charter is not recommended for young children or for first time fishermen. During July and August advanced reservations are highly recommended for our popular salmon fishing charter. If Orcas Island fishing regulations prohibit targeting salmon, we will fish for whatever is open which may include Spot Prawn, Dungeness crab, cabezon, flounder, kelp greenling and more. We will take full advantage of whatever regulations will allow.

We have two 26ft custom vessels that we use for our salmon fishing charter. These boats are fully equipped with electronic downriggers. Both boats have restrooms and a 3/4 cabin enclosure. To learn more check out Our Vessels page for “the Loki” and “the Blackmouth”

Orcas Island Fishing Charter – Salmon Group Rates

  • Salmon Group Charter rates are by the person
  • $240 per person
  • up to 6 people per fishing charter boat
  • charters are 5-6 hours
  • Captains will clean any fish you catch!

Orcas Island Fishing – Salmon Private Charter Rates

    • Salmon Private Fishing Charters are a flat rate per charter boat
    • $1000 per fishing charter boat
    • up to 6 people for 5-6 hours
    • You may charter both boats to take up to 12 people
  • Captains will clean any fish you catch!

2016 salmon fishing regulations have not been announced so tour activities will be dependent on State and Federal Law. Our current booking guidelines are based on previous seasons. Generally, salmon fishing is open July 1st – October 31st but rules may change. Fishing activities on fishing charters will be dictated by rules & regulations at the time of the charter.

Orcas Island Fishing Tips & General Information

The best fishing charters are well planned trips

We charge by the hour for all of our bottom fishing charter trips not by the person

Minimum 3 hours

You may bring along any food or beverages you desire including alcohol

We offer trips for 1 person on up to 40 people

Fishing Licenses are available aboard the boat for US waters

All gear is provided on the fishing charter

If you catch fish you can keep your Captain will clean them for you

Bareboat fishing charters are also available


Seasons may be subject to change by the Fish and Wildlife Department. Please contact our office for more specific details.

  • Shrimp and Halibut Season opens in May
  • Ling Cod Season is from May 1st – June 15th
  • Salmon Season is from July 1st – October 30 and November 1st – April 30th
  • Crabbing Season is from July 15th – September 30th
  • Bottom Fishing is open year-round

Our Headquarters and offices are at Smugglers Villa Resort on Sucia Drive. For private and fishing charter inquiries please call or come to our office, a small red building in the marina. Scheduled fishing charters meet at the adjacent kiosk. From North Beach Road follow the signs to a metal gate with a big sign painted like an Orca Whale.

Guests staying at participating resorts and vacation rentals find out more here:

West Beach Guests    Doe Bay Guests

Vacation Doorways  Cherie L. Lindholm

Outer Island Excursions can start your charter from anywhere in the region including Lopez, San Juan, Shaw, Blakely, Lummi Island, Anacortes, Bellingham and most anywhere else you might be in the San Juan Islands. Please check our location pages for more information for your area.

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